Ancient Chess Is Insane! #chess #shorts #chessmemes (Check the full video on my YT channel!)

This is a short video, only a part for the most interesting video on our channel! Ancient Chess! Ancient chess in literally insane!
Watch the full video on our channel, link in comments!

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  1. Nah I am not playing that game it Flippin sucks

  2. I know Arabs who call the Bishop the elephant, and Arabs who call the Queen the minister

  3. Bro really did the Jojo yare yare daze with the Naruto translation

  4. I always wondered why in Arabic we call them the horse and the elephant and the minister
    Now I know where it came from

  5. This is the true chess of ancient kings

  6. Wow… In Iran we call bishops "Fil" (Elephant) and we call Queen "Vazir" (Minister) So now I know where the hell they came from… Nice 😃

  7. Then there is shogi.
    Sac the peice only to find it joining enemy side.

  8. Why all Asian people have obsession with chess ? Shogi Chinese chess and chaturanga?

  9. This is more complicated than western only allowing the pawn to move one square in the beginning you increase the number of possible moves by 15 times..there are separate rules for castling and for a castle the king can move one and a half squares(only once)…its basically just q game of defence rather than attack.. and the queen is called wazir!

  10. This is not the Indian chess this is the old Arabic chess

  11. guys it's not your country that has the wrong words, its ENGLISH that has the wrong words, they've always been the elephant and minister

  12. They all went jojo mode after the removal of en passant

  13. Whenever I hear "chaturanga" I cringe so hard lol. IT PRONOUNCED SHUTRUNJ

  14. Every chess variant is either
    Everyone sucks but save the king or
    The king and the pawns are trash but there’re those pieces that are better than two pieces combined

  15. اباتراب [ F ] علي زامل says:

    I just realized why they're named that way in Arabic.

  16. Bro the pronunciation pf chaturanga. 😂Any Indian knowing to pronounce it correctly?

  17. In hindi we call rook – elephant. Queen is minister, horse is horse and knight is camel.

  18. -F@ck this game we are weaker
    -So the queen is a pawn now? That's funny
    -stfu useless pawn 💀
    Pawns Wilding 💀💀💀

  19. Natives cannot pronounce indian names properly but when we have an accent we are laughed upon.

  20. En passant was created because pawns being able to move two spaces was added to the game to speed up the game. EP was made as a result of that.

  21. As an Indian i can see how much time wars took to actually happen irl

  22. So the king is also place at their own colour?

  23. We still call them Manthri (Minister) and Aana (Elephant). I'm from South India

  24. Bishop is still called "elephant" in russian

  25. Weird since we now call rook 'hanthi' in Hindi which meaning elephant

  26. Chess nuke would have been disappointed if he saw a peasant doesnt exist

  27. Thai chess: rook-normal
    Knight -normal
    Pawn-starts at line 3 and moves 1 square forward and promote to a queen when at line 6(3 moves)
    Queen- moves diagonally only a square
    Bishop -a queen but can move forward one square

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