Amazing Facts About Chess | History of Chess in Hindi | शतरंज के बारे में रोचक जानकारी

Chess is a very interesting game it is a mind making game. If you don’t know what is chess, how to play chess and what is the history of chess than this video is very important for you because in this video i will tell some amazing facts about chess and interesting movement of chess game in history. If you want to know about chess so watch this video properly. Some amazing facts about chess is given below:

The invention of chess game in India between the 6th – 7th. That’s game name was Chaturanga at that time. Why use black and white color in chess or dark and light color in chess board. The first black and white colour chess board was built in Europe in 1090. India’s first grandstand is Vishvanath Anand. Vishwanath anand was a world champion in the years 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. The longest chess game playe with 269 moves, this chess game played in 1989 between Nicolik and Arsovic chess players, this game was a world record. The first time computer defeated any grand master in 1988 and this chess match played in California. By 2011, 60 million people in the world knew to play chess. The second English language of the world was published about chess. The second book in the world was published in the English language about Chess. There may be about 5949 moves in one match on the Chess Board. The first Chess Game played between Earth and Space on June 9, 1970 and the match was drawn. Gary Kaspersev is the youngest world champion. He did this 22 years of 210 years of age. During World War II, chess players played the role of code breaker.



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