Alex Tries To Premove Like Hikaru

Alex makes insane premoves to win a chess game

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  1. William just got botez gambited + ratio on time 😂

  2. what's up with the weird sipping of the saliva all the time oO

  3. Another victory for the Botez gambit!

  4. that little bump her her cheek always BOTHERED ME

  5. Can I get pinned for absolutely no reason lol

  6. The screaming and profanity is terribly unpleasant. I thought this woman was trying to obtain a husband in the near future.

  7. I love how she premoves her gaping asshole asking for a deep dive

  8. Lol this dance is up there with Tom Hardy’s dance in the Legend

  9. That scream is more manly than mine. Also compulsory girl think she Hikaru

  10. She really hit her Squidward.mp4 dance at the end there

  11. She is so dumb and attitude girl… Even beginner doesn't lose their queen like this….

  12. lmao those premoves at the end withthe queen were NOT calculated

  13. i love that whenever she straight up hangs the queen she screams in horror and proceeds to breathe heavily

  14. bro fr thought she was hikaru 💀💀💀💀

  15. That hat should have a propeller on top. Just sayin – j q t –

  16. I realised her reaction is no different than me ……starting to think she is my long lost sister

  17. Honestly that was impressive!
    The title baited me…i thought it was a fail

  18. why does her scream sound like tom from tom and jerry

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