A New Challenge: Blindfold Chess 960

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In this stream I tried something new: I played a blindfolded Chess 960 (Fischer Random) game without knowing the starting position. Thanks to GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess) for providing the inspiration for this idea! Analyze the game:

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  1. i want to see 2 streamers do this at the same time! Would be hilarious

  2. You wouldn't have to type d6xc5, just be sure to type an upper-case B when you mean bishop. That was so funny, but it turned out to be a brilliant decoy sacrifice 🤣🤣🤣

  3. You could just use the invisible pieces mode instead of the stupid keyboard moving system

  4. Why was it allowing him to move a bishop when he was in check?

  5. I'm shocked, that's IM eric rosen for you

  6. What is the name of the reading software?

  7. How'd you change the speech synthesis, like "Knight" to "Horsy"?


  9. 17:00 that's not a "weird lichess thing", Eric, that's how chess notation works and you know that.

  10. Does all elite chess players know how to play blindfolded? I always wanted to know…

  11. Totally insane the way he's realised the problem of bxc5/Bxc5 while being blindfolded and still managed to correct the mental position

  12. I forget where my pieces are with both my eyes open🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. 17:00
    Fun fact: Bxc5 and Bc5 would be interptered as takich with the Bishop, but BC5, BXc5 BxC5 or BXC5 with the pawn

  14. You can turn off the monitor. Wouldn't that be the easiest approach?

  15. Jesus Christ. You are DEFINITELY Grandmaster material. I will pay big bucks to live stream the moment you are awarded GM

  16. This was amazing, Eric is truly such a talented player and just an amazing human

  17. I feel the hurt for the opponent. Losing to Eric is already expected, but losing when he was blindfolded and the board was fully scrambled and he didn’t know where anything was. Ooof.

  18. I cant imagine how much brain power this takes, this is amazing

  19. "Man, this is so difficult!" You sound surprised?!

  20. Any idea how he types on the keyboard ? he seems to hit every key perfectly

  21. I'm kinda okay at blindfold chess but I could never do this. Just….. Wow.

    I already knew Eric was better than me, but this just proves that he's even more better than me than I thought.

  22. You know you're lucky when your first match in chess is against Eric.

  23. 9:47 oh we’ll see how badly this pawn takes pawn instead of bishop takes pawn affects his later plans

  24. 9:45 bxc5 was heartbreaking to hear him think it was his bishop lol

  25. It’s funny how in Arabic the bishops name is elephant too

  26. Eric is like that dangerous alien trying to understand humans

  27. Does the voice say :
    Knight = Horse?
    Bishop = Elephant?
    Queen = Lady?
    King = Big Daddy? 😂😂

  28. Imagine losing to someone who can't see the board and doesn't know where the pieces start

  29. His gameplay is insane but did anyone notice the names she was calling the pieces!!? I guess it is what the pieces are called in that region!?

  30. Just when I thought Eric couldn't be any more badass. That was so cool to watch! Thank you for uploading 🙂

  31. Eric: how much time do I have?
    Chess: white x mins x secs. Black … Horsey eats elephant.
    Eric: omg how much time I have left!!
    Chess: white x mins x secs. Black…
    Hoppity hoppity hop.

  32. if i were your opponents I'd take all your pieces as soon as possible because you don't know where your pieces are so it's safe to take pieces as you don't know when you can take my piece

  33. This was incredible. Really next level. 🔥🔥🔥

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