A New Challenge: Blindfold Chess 960

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In this stream I tried something new: I played a blindfolded Chess 960 (Fischer Random) game without knowing the starting position. Thanks to GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess) for providing the inspiration for this idea! Analyze the game:

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  1. @eric. Ever went to Scheveningen? Love ur shirt!

  2. "I have a bishop aimed at white's king" lol

  3. Geez Eric, leave some skill for the rest of us. Lol

    Seriously impressive man

  4. As much as I enjoyed this video and all your content in general, I have to say this speech synthesis is getting on my nerves. I don't know where these silly names come from, but I'd prefer the normal pieces names, this is just annoying and disrupting.

  5. 0:40 – i wanted to ask do you know which color youve got 🙂 – this 960 blindfold is the Hikaru mode 🙂

  6. Computers are so stupid – Bxc5 was taken as bc5 and it made me sooo sad, do you have to use capital letters with AI ?

  7. How does he type while being blindfolded?

  8. holy crap. i wouldn't have thought this was possible. not knowing the position. having the interface problem causing you to take with pawn instead and you still won. :O

  9. When you've beaten Magnus in chess960 you need new challenges.

  10. The ‘bc5’ was the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed

  11. Imagine what would happen when the opponent watches this video 😂

  12. Quite fun to watch your mind at work, I would love to see more of this!

  13. this might be the coolest video you've ever done

  14. When guess Ing piece especially knights in the very beginning, u could use the system of 'd8c6' instead of Nc6, then if the move is legal u know where the hell did the knight come from. Or maybe im dumb. Or maybe that would be 'cheating' or im possible for some reason

  15. How do you add this bar where you can type the moves? 😅

  16. This raises my hope for humanity by a good bit.

  17. Eric, you just climbed three rings of the ladder of my respect by doing something I've never seen before nor thought was possible.

  18. How do you get "Checkmate is now unavoidable" to show up for the opponent? It always seems to show up for me on move 1.

  19. You can guess actually the first knight by trying it to move in a1 b1 c1… h1 just a tip though

  20. Great! How you could remember all the pieces? Sometimes I am focused on one part of the chess board that I overlook what is going on the other side…. and I mean with eyes open! Really great performance!

  21. Man, after losing bishop and rook I thought you were a goner. Nice attack at the end!

  22. This honestly looks like a really fun challenge, piecing together the board state move by move, and working with that lack of information;..

    Well, if you have the ability to stably visualize an entire chess board in the first place

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