A Fairy Chess Problem With Countless Bishops

Fairy chess is the area of chess composition in which there are some changes to the rules of chess. The term was introduced by Henry Tate in 1914.
The puzzle in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN):
KB1B1Bk1/B1B1B1B1/1B1B1B1B/B1B1B1B1/1B1B1B1B/B1B1B1B1/1B1B1B1B/B1B1B1R1/ w – – 0 1
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  1. End of video chess problen solution: Qc2 if Rxc2 or QxC2 then Rd1* if the rook took then Qxd1 is forced then Rxd1# if queen took Rd1* then RxD1 and lastly RxD1#

  2. How do you force black off of G8 and H7 in the first place?

  3. Puzzle: Qc2.
    If the queen is taken (either with the queen or rook) then Re1+ leads to backrank mate.
    Even if white plays Bf4 to protect the queen, then Qxc1+ leads to checkmate as well.
    So in order to avoid checkmate, white has to give up the queen with h3 or Rf1, etc.

  4. At the end if Kh1 Rh2 is not a mate since king can take bishop on g1

  5. So if you do Qc2 really any move results in either the white queen or rook being misplaced or taken, then just back rank mate with the two rooks. I wonder how this type of fairy puzzle would go if both black and white had a rook. White basically controls how far the black rook can move since white controls the bishops, but would it be winning for white or a draw?

  6. What if you give black one light square Bishop? Who’s winning?

  7. Thanks a lot. Now I know how to play in these type of positions in my games.

  8. Bizarre yet entertaining puzzle (:

  9. With that many bishops on the board, you could simply convert the black king to join your side. 😉


  11. Puzzle: Qc2 is the winning move!

    Now both Rxc2 or Qxc2 are impossible due to Re1+ followed by Rxe1# (back rank mate).

    And if, say, Rd1, then simply Qxd2 Rxd2 Re1#.

    If either the rook or the queen moves, queen takes one of them and black wins.

    In case after Qc2, white tries Bf4, then Qxc1+ Qxc1 Re1+ Qxe1 Rxe1# still wins for black!

    So, white can't save the checkmate without sacrificing the queen and playing something like h3..

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