A brief history of chess – Alex Gendler

Trace the storied history of the game of chess, from its origins in 7th century India to the computer software we use today.

The attacking infantry advances, their elephants already having broken the defensive line. The king tries to retreat, but the enemy flanks him from the rear. Escape is impossible. This isn’t a real war— nor is it just a game. Over the 1,500 years of its existence, chess has been known as a military strategy tool, a metaphor for human affairs and a measure of genius. Alex Gendler shares its history.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Remus & Kiki.

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  1. This is a fitting video for chess lover

  2. In the evolution of chess, relatively weak advisers were replaced by Queens, and it led to widespread adoption. Hahaa 😂, how convenient

  3. I felt really sorry for the computer in the last scene where the girl was about to pull the plug

  4. Apart from the cartoons showing some very serious historic inaccuracies, I am not convinced that it is established without question that chess originated from India and not from China. The theory that it came from China to India it's more primitive form is very convincing too.

  5. nice to know chess also emerged from india😈😎

  6. A little spooky seeing thousands of years of human history fast forwarded at blinding speed only to end at an implied battle between humanity and the computers we created.

  7. ‪All war, is the cull of the poor, for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬

  8. I wish we could use our opponent captured pieces like they do in shogi

  9. i did some researching, Chinese chess isn't actually a variant of chess. It was invented in 200 B.C, before india.

  10. Elephant becomes a Bishop
    Me: It’s evolving. Just backwards

  11. "Everything we trace back to old,its roots are found at basin of Ganges"
    – Francisco Arie Maruet

  12. In Slavic languages like Russian and Bulgarian the word for chess is the Persian one – shahmat (шахмат)

  13. Benjamin Franklin invented chess. this video is entertaining but not correct

  14. Nice and wonderful video, congratulations!!!

  15. Computers don’t win chess players. They play millions of matches every move and choose the best path

  16. Jumps Bobby fisher to deep blue? What fisher did at that time against that chess empire was amazing.

  17. Nf3, Qg5, Bh7, Qf8 checkmate" Naw, i swear theres Kf7

  18. Wait why did it say that the soviets weren't triumped over by a human, deep blue came after the fall of the union, it was bobby fischer to first defeat the soviets and become world champion

  19. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else, but in my head, Chess takes place on an ice skating rink. Like the pawns have the little walker thingies, The knights know how to jump, the queen is gliding around having the time of her life, and the king is like “Im sOoO good at ice skating” and then can barely move.

  20. Russians: "You can't defeat me"
    Us: "I know, but he can"
    ~Deep Blue Computer

  21. This video talks about Go as if it's an offshoot of Chess… As a Go player I'm mildly irritated. Go is much older than Chess! Go didn’t inspire Chess but neither did Chess inspire Go.

  22. See you sacrafice your queen in chess in 1851 your seen as a legend but if you do it in 2022 everyone thinks you have a stock fish

  23. My favorite chess piece is the queen chess piece because it's the most powerful piece on the board. And I prefer to save the queen for last in order to use said chess piece as a secret weapon for the final blow.

  24. 1:32 Yes indeed, "chess" derives from "shah". But what evidence is there that the game was called anything like chess/shah that long ago?

  25. wonderful work sir alex gendler🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. the queen piece in the thumbnail looks like a wiener

  27. It hurts me every time I think about how a computer can easily beat the best chess players.

  28. I think it is worth to mention that chess arrived in Europe via IBerian peninsula (the Arabs bring it there and the Christians learn it from them, as so many things), and that the first records of the modern rules concerning the figures and movements are found in Spain.

  29. How did we get from "explaining how my brother died" to "Knight to E5, Queen to E4 and Rook to C6"

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