9 NEW Chess Modes/Variants || AlphaZero and Vladimir Kramnik

On the rest day of the 9LX Champions Showdown from the St Louis Chess Club, GothamChess breaks down the AlphaZero new chess variants and plays a game in Torpedo mode. FULL ARTICLE + PUBLISHED PAPER BELOW.



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  1. I think I'd like to see a "tackle pawn" mode, where pawns can attack forward in a sense. You can use a move to stun a piece in front of your pawn. It will not be able to move for your opponent's next two turns, or possibly just one.

  2. When you realize a British guy name is indian (Gotham) proud to be Indian

  3. I think chess.com should also introduce the Spartan chess variant, it is hard but it completely changes the play style.

  4. In torpedo chess whats the rule on en passanting pawns that already promoted

  5. Wat if there was a girafe piece?
    It would kill like a rook,but move like a king,and its kill would not need it to move. Basicaly, swing neck.

    Wat if there was a zebra?
    Zebra would be able to move like a queen,even jumping pieces,but can only kill like a king. And can jump one piece only, so a 2 piece wall would stop it.

    A crossbow piece?
    Cant move but can kill like a horse.

    Tho, youd need more space for that amount of pieces… So would it be 16×16??

    Interesting things to think about.

  6. 4 player opens up a huge set of possibility and I don't think we have scratched the surface.

  7. I can’t play normal Chess worth a damn … so I’m watching this after a video on how to play Shogi … 👍🏼😎👍🏼😏

  8. My favorite chess variant in general is Fog of War. It's just so different from regular chess, yet exactly the same.

  9. The most interesting is the fog of war. As one needs to guess opponent's move 😀😀

  10. To me, knights are worth more than bishops, it's hard to look forward at a Knights move and you can put 2 or more pieces in danger with a knight, you can put the king in check while simultaneously putting their queen or rook in check too

  11. In torpedo chess, can you en passant the torpedoing piece?

  12. 3:21 "Pawns sideways" looks like a bad rule change. It means that isolated pawns and doubled pawns aren't sych drawbacks any more, and the whole notion of "pawn structure" is utterly changed.

  13. Most chess variants make stuff more powerful. I'd like to see a variant which replaces queens with weather pieces. Queens are too powerful for the 8×8 board. Perhaps B+N (Princess/janus) or N+K. Or Q but limited to 2 steps.

  14. Some more ideas: (each one is a separate variant)
    1. No en pasasnt. Passar battaglia!
    2. Stalemating wins. If it's your move but you have no move within the rules, you lose.
    3. Free castling on your back rank. Just so long as the K isn't in check and doesn't pass through check and you obey all the other rules.

  15. my favorite variant would have to be penultima. it's so chaotic and so fun but you need 8 people to play it properly and also i'm pretty sure it's impossible to actually make digital version that isn't just like, a visualizer that lets you freely drag pieces around the board.

  16. King of the hill is the most fun to me

  17. Kramnik is a very uneducated person, and so are you.

    Already in Chinese Chess.

    No castling.
    Pawns move only 1 square.
    Pawns move horizontally, and vertically.
    Stalemate = win

    And Queen moves like the old Vizier, 1 square diagonally.
    And Elephant moves the old school way, 2 squares diagonally.
    And no promotion, like the original Indian Chess.

    Chinese Chess is essentially the Old Indian chess in the slowness of the movement.

    Why change from slow pawn to faster pawn back to slow pawn?
    Same with castling. Why change it back to the Indian chess?

    I invented the concept of bi-athon chess. 5 games of Western Chess and 5 games of Chinese chess for the championship.

  18. Self capture does not make sense. Think of chess as a human body. You cannot choose to dislocate your arm and fight on. Only reptiles can sacrifice a limb to get away from a predator, because they can grow it back.

  19. Torpedo pawn is redundant.

    In Chinese Chess, after crossing the river, the pawn is essentially a Mini-Me rook.

    You already have a rook. You have to balance between fast and slow, between a pawn and a rook.

    That's like Pickle ball, a retarded half way between ping-pong and tennis.

  20. Kramnik doesn't make sense.

    How to improve chess? Hmm.

    Make the pawn slower, like original Indian chess.
    Make the pawn faster.


    That's the definition of schizophrenia.

  21. What if I tell you that none of the thousands of variants have surpassed the current rules in popularity?

    When you have the best, you can forget the rest.

  22. In that first example, isnt b6 a bad move? Because black can en passent en still be in the same winning situation, right?

  23. My favorite variant is king👑 of the hill🗻

  24. all of this is overrated just keep the normal way

  25. In the description of torpedo chess it says you can make en passant capture anywhere on the board so black is still winning in the first position

  26. Freedom chess
    My version of chess
    It has no extra pieces
    Pawns are all directional
    Water and border it's a much but still simple
    I think it's obviously greatest version
    No op no up

  27. I'm somewhat partial to 'Idiot King' chess which I saw on Chess Whiz TV: on any turn where the king can legally move forward one square, it must; otherwise play normally. A piece sacrifice in front of the enemy king can sometimes be devasatingly powerful if it prevents the enemy from doing anything useful on the next few turns.

  28. I invented one that I am trying to market myself. I am a professional board game designer. I won't say too much here as I am working on copyright.

  29. I made up a variant rule that I call "cotati style chess" that I came up with when playing in a town called Cotati in California. It has only ONE different rule from regular chess: Pawn to back rank is instant and automatic WIN (no promotion). Usually the first player to promote a pawn wins and this rule gets rid of the bullshit of someone "building a harem" which is getting more than one queen or the opponent fishing for stalemate or a very long endgame that can happen if the other player gets a queen of their own on the very next move.

    I call it BREACHING and it symbolizes the army breaching the enemy castle wall.

  30. At 7:40 I do NOT like that rule. I think in "torpedo pawn" chess a pawn should be vulnerable to "en passant" ANY time he moves 2 paces not just on the initial move if an opponent pawn is next to it.

  31. One variant he showed was "torpedo" pawn where it can move 2 spaces forward even if its not the start move and another was the pawn able to move sideways one space (but not as a capture only as a regular move). If you were to COMBINE those 2 rules into one game then how much would a pawn be worth? I think they are always 1 but the other pieces would need to be adjusted.

  32. There is an old game called TERRACE that is somewhat chess like where you can commit "cannibalism" which is capturing your own piece. Sometimes you can win or get an advantage from that but you have to be careful because if you do it incorrectly then you are down a piece.

  33. Of these variants, my favorite would probably be torpedo; in general, Chess 2.

  34. Its interesting how, in No Castling mode, all pieces' values decrease, meanwhile, in No Castling (10) they all increase.

    (also, pawns' doesnt go down or up at all)

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