77th Chess Game Vienna Opening

Chess players! Join my movement and become a forker. With consistent tactics, strategy and endgame training, we will make it to our goal. Chess openings? In this video, you will see that’s the easiest part 😎 πŸ’ͺ

#ForkTheWorld β€”tell me where you are now and I will feature your city in one of my videos 😎🍴




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How to use the Pair of Bishops πŸ‘‰

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  1. When a Filly like that… Swishers her tail at you… like that filly is doing right there!!! You need to be running as fast as you can the other way.

  2. I think that beauty on top looks a little more forkable <3 :>

  3. That first lil filly looks a lil to flirty for me. Danger danger!!! Unless your want a bunch of little forkers climbing all your curtains you should go with Cici.

    Cici looked less sexy, and more sensible. And sexy is not always a good thing! Especially not on on first dates.

  4. I'd go for Pirka…best smile !πŸ€—. Maybe you should have played h3 instead of f3 to kick the white bishop. Moreover, why didn't you eliminate the other bishop by playing Ka4 (like you often do)?πŸ‘πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅

  5. Go for Pirka! Despite the fact that her smile is not so bright, she obviously suits your playstyle β™ŸοΈ much better than Sici does. With Sici you should expect a lot of razor-sharp complications, while your relationship with Pirka will be a way more universal and easier! Also with Pirka you can visit Czech Republic as often as you wish πŸ˜‰

  6. Pirka all the way. Interesting to see where you are going with this. πŸ˜„πŸ€”πŸ‘

  7. Thanks for showing your losses. I learn as much from these as from your wins. Sometimes more. When the opponent resigns early or loses on time, I don’t see how to convert the position you’ve created. Perhaps you could explain how you would have tried to continue in some of those cases.

  8. Pirka is the choice, Sici is hard to impress she is very demanding where as Pirka appreciates u and is easy to impress

  9. Chess is easier to understand than girls.

  10. I think you should keep both girl
    cz just like you don't use same opening in black & white pieces
    these girl will be useful one in day & one in night (+_+)

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