30 ROOKS VS 1 PAWN | Chess Memes #shorts #chess

This new funny short chess meme video is about 30 rooks vs 1 pawn. The funniest part is the fact that there is a betrayer among them! The white rook betrayed the white king and joined the black team but there is more! The stunning brilliant move that the white king prepared is going to change the situation of the game!

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  1. The black rook at the bottom of the board

  2. For every1 saying the pawn can be moved, it cant move bc theres a rook infront so if it took a rook, the rook infront of it would take the king

  3. The rook on the second one was the white one but when he talkes he says "i switched sides"

  4. But the pawn can go take the rook and checkmate

  5. the white king is king charles the black king is king tut

  6. Legendary pawns in pepechess be like: weakling

  7. This is like the nerdiest possible way to make comedy videos and its still great lol🤓

  8. Couldn't you have just electric fenced him and immediately checkmated.

  9. Why do every one of these end in a stalemate when it’s mate in 1?

  10. Imagine if the pawn took one of the rooks and won

  11. Guys its pawn cant take its illegal and even if you can it not check mate iiot

  12. Can anybody tell me this chess game?

  13. Who else figured out to move Pawn to e5

  14. It was stalemate at the start anyway

  15. I hate getting in this postion

    Its so annoying

  16. I remember watching one of your videos bit strange that I found this

  17. I dunno man i still think top chess shorts is better

  18. That one pawn who can have free kills:

  19. Bruh you just can checkmate in 1 move you don't have to take the rook

  20. the rook behind white king try to come onto the king or something?

  21. You could’ve killed that rook on the left with the pawn and you will checkmate the king because all of his rooks are blocking his ways to escape

  22. black king: hey so we have troops around your castle and all your soldiers are dead
    white king: but…. but i cant move out of my castle
    black king: oh ig we shall call that a draw
    stalemate in a nutshell

  23. The one time I win a game of chess was because of the rook

  24. Not stalemate you could take a room with pawn idiot

  25. The tyranny of the white king sounded like the tyranny of Washington, ac3 dlc

  26. A stalemate is when the King has no legal moves

    Then what is a check mate? (I am not new to chess I have slight experience with it I know what a checkmate is I'm just wondering why stalemate exist)

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