30 Queens. Can Martin Win?

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Joe Kempsey:

0:00 Intro
1:34 Game 1
10:03 Game 2

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  1. Martin routinely beats my ass but you all are making a joke of him 😂😅

  2. Funny how I just started and I still can’t win to martin

  3. This video shows that an army of sheep led by a lion is stronger than an army of lions led by a sheep

  4. I'm so bad at chess I'm sure even Martin can beat me!

  5. I love how Martin has mate in three even though the game hasnt even started

  6. I have actullaly lost to Martin (I was trying ok?)

  7. *takes 9 queens with a single pawn
    “Gungun sounds”

  8. the ai could just destroy everything with that number of queens right?

  9. This is like the hero vs an overpowered villain and still winning

  10. Martin is the biggest failure i have ever seen, Levy is pretty smart tho

  11. Now do the same thing but its mittens instead of martin

  12. Sometimes I feel like Martin isn't a trash bot after all. then I realise I'm the type of person you make how-to-lose-at-chess low-elo videos about.

  13. martin bot is from my country i take this as a personal offence lmao

  14. Do the same thing but with mittens!😂

  15. Other players: guessing, how good is their opponent
    Levy: guessing, how bad is his opponent

  16. this offends me deeply as i lose to martin frequently

  17. Markiplier just promoted your video in a way

  18. In theory he just goes down in a straight line with every piece and end it.

  19. The bot is programmed in such a bad way he can be exploited that is no longer a CHESS game it is just code exploiting.This is similar to Blizzard banning a WOW player for exploiting the code instead of reporting it.
    Spoiler alert…he isn't posting this video if he simply loses.

  20. Before this video, Martin's iq was room temperature in Ferinhite. As of this video, it is now room temperature in Celsius

  21. i played against martin and got checkmated in 5 moves

  22. Stop bullying bots that are holding back. 1v1 me instead give me the 30 queens and i will beat you in less then 50 moves

  23. Next eps: 30 Queens. Can Mittens win?

  24. martin trash is just to high hes way to low

  25. Queens : easy
    White : move random piece
    Queen : checkmate in one move just kill the pawn and others queen protect me
    White Queen and Bishop : HELLO (SWEAR WORD)
    Queen : Uh theres still other queen btw
    White : oh s@#$

  26. Literally, before the game begins, the video is a lie.

  27. I just lost my whole confidence I actually never won against martin

  28. I’m the worst at chess. I got checkmated by Martin in 7 moves

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