30 Queens. Can Martin Win?

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Joe Kempsey:

0:00 Intro
1:34 Game 1
10:03 Game 2

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  1. I learned how to play chess a few hours ago and I’ve been trying to beat Martin but I can’t💀

  2. The armada of horses was funny as shit, not gonna lie.

  3. Martin isn't a moron – he's just incredibly merciful. 😛

  4. Hey I just watched a yt video and I'm convinced you are the same person. If not, look at "The Weeb Commander" dame voice and looks exactly in my opinion, even same emphasis on the voice

  5. MFW when I've been happy about being pretty consistent in beating Martin

    "room temperature IQ" lmao

  6. I wish I was joking when I say I lost to Martin twice today. Time to delete the app 🫡

  7. i feel offended (my name is Martin)

  8. the reason that Martin doesn't capture knights is because he simply doesn't take L's

  9. my friend almost lost to martin today i moved two pieces and mated so we have someone worse then martin

  10. I think the reason they made him suck more than a vacuum is because he was meant to play against children like how his bio about him playing against jids

  11. He’s teaching you what someone with so many more queens might do…I like the instructional part lol

  12. Considering the classic "begginer* bots. Fucking give me Martin, I at least stand a chance, or can win for once

  13. Made a new account: NotTheBotMartin
    My first name is martin so it makes sense

  14. I've been check mated by Martin more times than I can count😢

  15. In game 1 go to 4:14 and Gotham specifically says "Martin has 10 Queens" Wrong in fact Martin has 11

  16. Did they buff Martin? I tried playing him and he scholar mated me when I wasn't paying attention 😂

  17. Martin absolutely stumped by a singular horse

  18. Martin cannot procces this many queens,thats why he lost

  19. Martin is so bad, that you can't do any strategies because he's so stupid, he doesn't even BEGIN to think about it.

  20. Hahahahha that was awesome 😂😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. /*-𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖-* says:

    17:10 idk if im a dummy but couldn't u go QA3 just asking love ur vidss

  22. I think martin plays worse if he's up in material, that's why he played better the more queens GothamChess took.

  23. Playing against Martin is like playing an rng game

  24. This is the craziest video I have ever watched on YouTube. 🤣

  25. I wish u played and just tried to lose…..it's impossible.

  26. I cant believe that theres a martin thts worse than me

  27. I died when Gotham just started making an army of nights😂

  28. I’m super new to chess, I’ve beaten Martin a hand full of time but probably lost more then I won, ehhh a lot of stalemate. Lol im trash 😂

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