11th Chess Game (Vienna Opening)

Chess players! Join my movement and become a forker. With consistent tactics, strategy and endgame training, we will make it to our goal. Chess openings? In this video, you will see that’s the easiest part 😎 💪

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  1. Man coach you good!!! I just wanna say that's the reason I'm the subscriber!!!❤️🤣

  2. Forker #50 here (I originally thought I was #49). Waaaaaay too fast for me, but fun nonetheless.

  3. I feel like your opponent gave up or was too flustered to finish but I wanted closure so I paused the video to try to see if I could figure out how it would of ended. After Rxh2+, Kxd1, b7xc6, end game strategy pushing g pawn to promote? Maybe Qf6+ ?

  4. I finally looked at the dude you talk shit about in every video….ha ha ha. Made me smirk.

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